21 June 2007

The Chapters Are Just About The Right Length

Not everything in life has to be a metphor for something else in life. That's a lesson I should do a better job remembering.

Still, chapters seem like nice metaphors. I particularly like the huge captial letter that begins the first word of a chapter. A big number at the top of the page is nice, but it's nothing compared to the giant first letter of the first word.

Suspending the metaphor for a moment, the thing I've noticed about chapters in life is that they don't end as succinctly as chapters in a book. Sometimes I'm well into a new chapter in life before I realize that the old one has ended. Then I look back, trying to figure out where exactly the ending was, and more often than not I end up guessing at something vaguely terminal.

I don't know why endpoints are so important to me, but they are. Without them, the chapters would run on and on, stepping all over each other, and nothing would be the right length.

It's important to me that the chapters be the right length.


Supercords said...

thus ends chapter Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Let's liven this blog up.


ashleyboice said...

hahaaa shane so funny!!

Lindsay said...

speaking of chapters, I think you should write your own book. I think it would be on the best sellers list