12 June 2007

The dream about jumping

I rarely remember dreams, and the ones I do remember are usually the ones I have in the early morning, right before I'm aware that it's going to be time to get up shortly. My dreams don't seem to be long and drawn out, nor do they seem to involve intricate story lines. They are usually short clips of something odd. Something strangely exciting, where something good is about to happen. For as long as I can remember, I've hoped that I'm not really responsible for the things I dream.

The dream I had this morning involved me holding a large ceramic basin. I was standing about 15 paces back from the edge of an enormous cliff, which dropped off about 200 feet into the ocean below. The view from in front of me was all ocean and sky. There were a few other people around me, although I can't recall who they were.

The objective, it seems, was to maintain a steadiness while approaching the cliff's edge and jumping off. We were trying to avoid escalating our heart rate previous to jumping, which is why we stood 15 paces back. We wanted to jump into the water, but we thought we would chicken out if we stood too close to the cliff's edge before making the leap. Apparently, it was important to hold the basin steady, keep the heart rate down, and make the free fall in a controlled fashion all the way until splashdown.

The last thing I remember, before waking, was running towards the edge, careful to hold the basin steady, and making the leap into the air.

Now we'll see where the rest of this blog takes us...

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Supercords said...

Do us a favor and have sexier dreams if you are gonna share them with us...