23 July 2007

portrait at thirty-four

Porcelain cheekbones, a scar on the chin,
a powerful heritage; sureness within.

Steadiness, thoughtfulness, depth beyond years.
A frame built for dominance; tenderest tears.

Crystal blue diamond eyes fiery pure,
Driven with passion to conquer and cure.

Shattermouth, chattermouth, wild with delight,
Relentless vivacity, magical sprite.

Seraphic, beamingly graceful, serene,
A chicken, a piglet, a monkfish, a bean.

Happiness, confidence, thankfulness, peace,
a foreordained family that will never cease.


Lindsay said...

That's an awesome poem Joey! You'll have to teach me how to write like that someday :)

ashleyboice said...

joey...so romantic. I will say it out loud so your readers will know that is about your wifee. I would hope they would guess that, but you never know. she said...man he is obsessed with me lately. she loved it. what a nice treat to read while you are apart.

ashleyboice said...

okay...it is also about each of the kids. I think that makes it more romantic. Good job.

gramyflys said...

Tell me if I'm guessing your descriptions of each family member correctly; in order--Tyson, Jack, Calista, Carolina, Grace, and maybe you on the second to last line???

emily palenske said...

I think it goes Cali, Tyson, Jack, Carolina (that one I'm SURE about), Gracie, Joey. How romantic, indeed...

Captain Emus said...

Emily got it.

gramyflys said...

Ok, now I see it..but the "scar on the chin" threw me. I knew Tyson had a scar on his chin, but I didn't know Cali did...how did I miss that? I love the "shattermouth, chattermouth" part....great synopsis of a great family!