05 August 2007

Sunday Musings

Here are the things that are on my mind today:

1. A just-turned two-year old shouldn't know how to use the phrase "booty butt" in context. But if she does, it's pretty funny.

2. A nine month old with layers of fat rolls on her legs is exceedingly cute.

3. I'm pretty happy about shooting 71 at the golf course on Thursday. It was my second round under par ever. Both were scores of 71.

4. Being away from a spouse for two weeks and then having a 45 minute phone conversation brings back the excitement of dating all of those years ago.

5. I am alone, but I don't feel alone. My life is good.


mumovearls said...

"booty-butt" eh? which one was that CC? that funny I love that word.

Natalie said...

Is the 897 in the title of your blog reflective of your home telephone number growing up? Funny you would put that on your blog... I'm laughing my head off about "booty-butt!" Love you...Nat