30 September 2007

3 great things about this weekend

1. I dropped a 74 on Kyle's noggin on Friday. From the tips. Good enough for a 6-stroke victory and some serious bragging rights between now and the Mazatlan Open.

2. My lawn looked great for the weekend festivities.

3. Connie found me and gave me a hug.


gramyflys said...

Did you have Isaac's festivities at your house? Did you get your backyard finished yet?

Captain Emus said...

Yeah, we had Isaac's stuff at our house this weekend. Lots of people. Good times.

The rest of the backyard is apparently going to have to wait until spring. My guy was scheduled to start the full project on August 8th and I'm still waiting for him to show up. I'm starting to think he's not coming.

mumovearls said...

I heard every thing went great from tom! He said he loves coming to your house!-nena