04 September 2007

The Balance of Generations

We all navigate this life with an inborn moral compass; an innate balance that steadies against forces that push and pull. At whatever point in life we come to the realization that the balance comes from within, only then do we have the confidence to propel forward rather than be propelled.

All of this occurred to me this evening as I held the seat of Tyson's bike, then let go, watching as he propelled himself forward. His realization of his own balance wasn't immediate, but when it was fully understood there was a boy with a newborn sense of self.

My dad taught me to find that balance. Now I've taught my boy. Someday distant, he will teach a young boy the same thing. It is the balance of generations.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Beautifully put, Joey. And congrats to Ty guy!