09 February 2008

A long time ago, at the intersection of Hermosa and Los Feliz, riding in a late 80's model Honda Accord, my dad told me that I'd be a great man someday.


mumovearls said...

I think you made it!-n

Cheeth said...

Now that is a great post.

Quit going to Mama Chu's and you'll be well on your way.

Lindsay said...

He was right!!!

Aaron said...

As soon as this post appeared, I spent about twenty minutes writing and rewriting comments to try to find the right response. I figured you had given this to us as a straight line, and it was up to all of us readers to fill in the punch line.

I came up with endless variations of "So, what went wrong?" or "That's okay, I'm sure he had some other predictions that did come true". I couldn't ever come up with anything that met my high comedy standards so I gave up.

Now I'm coming back because I just wanted to show that I was indeed trying and to get some sort of credit for the effort

Captain Emus said...

It's the effort that counts, so yeah, you get credit.

That's all any of us really need, isn't it?