21 June 2008

the best smell

At game night tonight, the question arose: what is your favorite smell? Technically speaking, I think the question should have been "what is your favorite SCENT".

Tough to pick a favorite, so here are my top five:

5) hot garlic pepper chicken wings from the Wing Shak (they singe your nose hairs, in a good way)
4) gasoline
3) a freshly-opened bag of real red licorice (like Kookaburra, but definitely not like Twizzlers or Nibs)
2) lilac bushes in bloom
1) freshly-cut grass

I looked around to see if there are consensus answers on this question. Apparently, studies have shown that lavender and peppermint score the highest on tests for pleasant smells. Also among the most popular: vanilla, the ocean, bacon, roses, and pine.

I've also read that people who suffer from sensory deprivation of one or more of the other five sense tend to have a much stronger sense of smell. I wonder if their answers to this question would be different.

And your favorite scent?


Supercords said...

Gasoline? I think smelling too much gasoline has affected your sense of smell judgement.

My favorite scent is desert rain.

jared said...

In no particular order i'd have to say my yop five would be;
1. gasoline
2. freshly cut grass
3. rain on hot pavement or cement
4. campfire
5. Pot roast in a crockpot on a Sunday afternoon

jared said...

That's right...I said "yop five" and I'm standing by what I said. That's what my "yop five" would be.

ashleyboice said...

Rain for sure...and wood chips. Old spice deodorant and laundry detergent.

food smells...bread, garlic, citrus, pineapple.

Lori said...

Gasoline must run in the family. I think it is the farmer blood in us. Here's my list:
1. gasoline
2. garlic
3. fabric softener
4. I love lilacs, too
5. Johnson's Baby Lotion

Gords said...

1) O3 after a hard rain
2) Lilac bushes
3) Fresh Crispy Kremes
4) Laundry Detergent
5) Chlorine

angie said...

I totally agree with lilacs and the freshly cut grass. I remember gap used to have a scent called "grass" and I loved it so much.

Cheeth said...

(No particular order)

skunk (no joke)
desert after rain
buddhist temple incense

and since we are all honest people here...

my own farts

emily palenske said...

I think lilacs smell like pee. Every time I walk past a lilac bush I find myself asking who peed their pants, only to look up and seen another blasted bush. Seriously.

Natalie said...

homemade bread
Tide laundry detergent
wet cool-decking around the pool
sauteed onions or garlic
Sunday roast (yo! Jared!)
Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion from Bath and Body Works

I'm surprised mom didn't say puppy breath. On a similar note, one of my WORST smells is old maple syrup on kids...especially when you can't find where it is to wash it off...puke.

Lindsay said...

my favorite smell are new tires at the tire store. Someday I'm going to work at Pep boys or Discount Tire just for fun so I can smell the rubber all day!

Samantha said...

similiar thoughts- rain, bread,grass, colognes, skunk (no joke for me either), and I love smelling sun block on my babies- it's the smell of summer.

Allison said...

Wow, mine are the same as many...Cut grass, sauteed onions and garlic, gasoline, rain, pot roast, campfire. Also fresh baked brownies and fresh laundry.

I'm with Nat 100% on old syrup...it is the worst smell ever. Nothing says "dirty kid" like old, hiding syrup!

gramyflys said...

Yeah, I forgot puppy breath. Love it.