29 October 2008

Speech by Professor Robert P. George

Here's a link to an excellent speech given Oct. 28, 2008 at Brigham Young University by Professor Robert P. George. Dr. George is a Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University. He has a doctorate degree in Philosophy from Oxford University and a JD from Harvard. You can view his professional short bio at the Princeton.edu website here.

In view of the monumental vote on Proposition 8 in California next week, you may find his speech from yesterday's BYU Forum to be fascinating and informative.


Aaron said...

Your link appears to just redirect to the main speeches website. You can find the actual speech linked to from here:

Captain Emus said...

Thanks Aaron. I updated the link in the post as well.

Bodilly said...

It's nice to see that Jeff George got some work after his NFL career fizzled.

Captain Emus said...

Not bad. I might have gone with Taylor Hicks from American Idol season 5, but I like your style.