05 April 2009

Medium-length statements of update

Below are several medium-length statements of update.

1. For those closely following my weight loss endeavors, I got down to 173.2 but am now sitting at 176.1. I downloaded the "Lose It" app after seeing it on an iPhone commercial and it is fantastic. I'm trying to get down to 170 but I'm not going to continue skipping dinner anymore. Mainly because dinner is delicious.

2. UNC easily swatted away Villanova in the Final Four last night, precisely as I predicted. Well, I predicted they would win by 13 and the final margin was 14 so it wasn't precisely as I predicted, but pretty close. Now the Heels will play Michigan State on Monday night for all the marbles. It'll be another easy win - margin 11 points - and our household will be rocking and rolling. I made a weak attempt at getting Cali's commitment to give our forthcoming baby a Tarheel-themed name if they win the title just like we did the last time the Heels were champs(2005), but she rebuffed the advance soundly.

3. Notwithstanding tonight's Braves/Phillies game, tomorrow is the official Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Opening Day is the greatest day of the year.

4. Regarding her broken leg, Carolina told me last week: "Dad, if someone jumps on your leg then that is just an accident. But if someone doesn't jump on your leg, you can keep walking."

5. When you put your head down and plow forward, keeping the faith, trusting in yourself and your intuition, then the feeling of finally realizing a goal is immensely gratifying.

6. I keep saying that I'm going to run the Tokyo Marathon in February 2010 but so far none of my cohorts are giving me any details about registration. I'm only committing to run so I can take a trip to Japan. So unless somebody takes the lead and gets our registration questions answered, I'm not going to waste time jogging around the block over and over again.


Supercords said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere. It's been awhile.

I think you should train for a 5K and just take a trip to Japan. Your motivational logic is moronic.


Aaron said...

Your motivational logic is more than sound.

Last I remember, we were waiting for Derek to do a little research in Japanese. Anyone know what happened to that guy?

Captain Emus said...

Right. We were waiting for Derek. I hope he wasn't abducted at a hair band reunion concert because we really need him to figure this out for us.

Allison said...

Congrats to your tarheels!

I'm with Shane, just do the 5K and go visit Japan.

Anonymous said...

I say, either way, you're paying for a trip to Japan. Why ruin it with running? Just take the trip.

emily said...

You could prepare by running the Anchorage half marathon with me this June. No worries though...I'll be 18 weeks pregnant and probably throwing up the whole time, so you'll probably be able to keep up. :) It'll also give you the perfect excuse to take that trip to Anchorage you've been dreaming of...

Lindsay said...

I tried training for a 1/2 marathon last year. After getting up to 3 miles, I realized that running was WAY to boring, especially to be doing it for 26.21 miles. Needless to say, I have set my sights on more exciting things which include watching others work out and lose weight on "The Biggest Loser."