16 September 2010

"Drastic times require what? DRASTIC MEASURES, YES!"

I'll be honest, I've been going back and forth for weeks trying to decide who I'm going to vote for in the County Treasurer election. Granted, I don't live in Stark County, Ohio. But I take this election very seriously and I want to make my vote count. No longer will I be swayed by the silver tongue and easy speech of blowhards like Tim Calhoun. No, it's time for a change. Won't you join me in rising up to elect Phil Davison as Stark County Treasurer?


Cali said...

I'm moving to stark county so I can be this guy's best friend.

angie said...

he will not apologize for his tone, and I will not apologize for loving him.
I'm so glad he clarified that Albert Einstein quote...cause he really nailed the second time!

duke of earl said...

I am glad he didn't memorize anything. Cause that would have made straying from the pulpit a little too easy...

duke of earl said...

I had to watch it again, but that 2nd masters degree in communications really served him well. I bet he minored in heavy breathing, dramatic pauses, and advanced hand guestures. I thought he was going to lose me on the "using knowledge as a tool...or as a weapon" but then when he also showed me what he meant...it clicked.

Gords said...

Give the guy his medication!!!!

He's running for the wrong office! He should run for the county District Attorney with the campaign promise that all felony convictions result in a sentence that ends up being a steel cage match to the death with the DA! Violent crime would probably drop in the county.

Dilly said...

Somehwere Jim Boylen is nodding his head in approval.

angie said...

I watched it again...did he say he was from a village?? What? It explains so much.

Samantha said...

For the love! Was he nominated or not??!!!

that was pretty intense. For a moment it reminded me of when Dwight had to give his speech for Salesman of the Year.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

I could not hardly watch it. I could not stop laughing.

gramyflys said...

That is one angry dude. Hope he won--wouldn't want to be the opponent if he lost. Sheesh.

Captain Emus said...

Sad news: despite the passionate speech, Phil Davison did not win his party's nomination. The good people of Stark County never even got a chance to elect this fellow to office. Just another example of the man keeping us down.

vjc said...

He must be high on something, could it be sugar?

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