09 July 2007

The Wise Old Woman

Well, I don't think the word "old" has to be interpreted as insulting. I mean, she is old. In more cultures than not, the elders are those who counsel, teach, and govern. Why wouldn't they? It is their wisdom that guides the footsteps of those who follow them. I think it is insulting that we don't value our old people very much at all.

I think about chapters. Endings. Starting points and finishes. I am distracted by the many directions I am headed; so many chapters being written at the same time.

She sees the continuum better than me. She says:

"Life is one long story. At times, one segment is larger than a counterpart. We wonder why. Sometimes, another chapter is written with more brilliancy. Sometimes undesirable metaphors do not reflect right thinking. Yet, life itself is created from fragments of unknown origin. Make no mistake after writing Chapter One; spirit, tenure and goals can change. It is safe to say that one chapter does not make a word, sentence or rule. As your work continues, one chapter follows literally to be better than the first. Therefore, the full meaning of laughter and love and life must be included in the evaluation of the entire compilation."

She is a wise old woman.


Supercords said...

Does anyone besides you have any idea what you are talking about. I'm 2 seconds away from hacking into your blog and shutting the whole thing down. I'll do it too.

gramyflys said...

She IS a wise old woman. You are wise to see that. You are so related to her. For that I am glad.