27 November 2007

People's Republic of Keratotomy

PRK. Tomorrow's the day. I've had these glasses on for exactly a month now. Surprisingly, several people have suggested that I keep them. Sorry to disappoint my fans, but these specs are going the way of the horse and buggy. First thing in the morning, I'm going under the knife.

Well, the laser, actually. It should only take about a minute to do each eye, but I'm told to expect 3-5 days of pain and discomfort. The main bummer about PRK is that one's vision takes several days to a month or longer to fully correct. So I'll start off seeing blurry and gradually gain better vision over the next couple of weeks.

If I never see you again, it's because I went blind during the procedure. I've thought a lot about it, and I've decided that I don't want to go blind. Going blind would be worse than continuing to wear these glasses. I think I probably won't go blind; that's why I'm going forward with the surgery.

So that's all for now. See you later, hopefully.


Cheeth said...

Here's to a successful surgery for your eyes.

Lindsay said...

Love you Joey! Hope your surgery went as planned and you are starting to get back on your feet again. We are thinkin' about you!

Supercords said...

Good news. Joey didn't go blind! I saw him the other night, and he seems to be recovering, except for possibly catching the flu.

gramyflys said...

This is a Mom's worst nightmare, having her child have knives or lasers put into her child's eyes!!! I have been holding my breath that all went well...PLEASE tell me that those adorable eyes of yours can still see...better than ever!