02 December 2007

PRK results

Well, the PRK ordeal is over with, mostly. Like the doctors said, there was a lot of pain and discomfort for the first three days. Saturday was day four and I felt pretty good. Today was day five and I'm totally pain free.

Immediately following the surgery I could see more clearly than I ever remember in my life. It was incredible. As my eyes healed, my vision got really blurry. I'm still seeing a lot of fuzziness, but I can tell a difference each day as my vision improves. The doctors say that it will take about three weeks for my vision to fully correct itself so I can see perfectly.

I'm not experiencing any other complications so I'm tentatively declaring the surgery a success. It was more painful than Lasik - and I missed three days of work due to the pain and loss of vision - so it's definitely not a low-impact surgery. But it does feel great to be free of contact lenses and glasses forever.

Long live the People's Republic of Keratotomy!


Natalie said...

Glad it went well, Drew! Never really got a chance to say "bye" in AZ... Thanks for making the effort to come with all those kids! And tell Cali thanks, too. I'm glad you married her. She's a keeper!

mumovearls said...

Wow! eye surgery scares me! I glad to here it went well!