07 December 2007

Samurai I Amurai

Here are a couple of friendly facts for those of you who are TV fans:

1. Tina Fey is a genius.

2. Tracy Morgan's character on 30 Rock is the single funniest character on TV right now.

Believe it, or my name's not Samurai I Amurai.


Aaron said...

I believe that last night's episode of 30 Rock was possibly their funniest one ever.

Aaron said...

I should point out that I came to this conclusion shortly after doing a classic spit take at the clip of the Tracy Jordan/Shaquille O'Neal animated adventure.

Captain Emus said...

Agreed. Tracy Jordan's performance in that episode was simply too brilliant; I had no choice but to make a blog post on its account.

angie said...

100% agree. this show rocks my world.

Natalie said...

I will be watching 30 Rock from now on due to your accolades.