23 March 2010

Snippets and Quotes from March Madness 2010

Tonight is my fantasy baseball draft so obviously I have very little time for this post. However, here are a few gems from the recently-completed March Madness 2010 trip to Las Vegas:

- In keeping with his custom, Dave parked his roll-away bed (the Wynn roll-aways are super comfy) in front of the TV and remained in that bed for an average of 18.5 hours per day throughout the trip.

- We enjoyed ridiculous meals at the Country Club and Okada, my two favorite restaurants at the Wynn. We ate at the Country Club on my birthday and I had the rib chop, which is by far the most delicious steak I've ever had. I order it every time.

- The NCAA games were incredible this year. The best times of the trip are when a game comes down to the final minute and half of our guys are rooting for one team and half for the other. With all of the overtime games and buzzer-beaters on Thursday and Friday, it was definitely March Madness in our suite.

- I held the lead in our bracket pool for most of the weekend and I'm currently sitting pretty in 3rd place (both guys ahead of me have Kansas winning it all. Suckers.) Could this be the year that I finally win the pool?

- When Michigan St. hit a three-pointer to beat Maryland, Dave (a notorious Big Ten homer) leapt from his bed, gave a deafening yell of approval, and offered all onlookers an emphatic hip-thrusting move complete with six shooters in both hands.

- Quote from Shane as we were driving on Center Street only 2 minutes into our trip: "OK, do you guys want me to read you some exercise myths?"

- Quote from Shane after breakfast on Sunday morning: "Whew, that was a lot of lobster."

- Quote from Shane after a heated debate in the car about the fairness of the Trivia Game categories (keeping in mind that it was Dave's turn to answer next): "THE CATEGORIES ARE FAIR! Ok, the next category is 'Computers'."

- Quote from me following Scott's botched answer to a super-easy NBA question: "How would 'the Suns Arena' be the correct answer to ANY question?"

So it's another successful March Madness trip in the books. Good times. Good times.


Supercords said...

You mean gorging yourself on lobster at breakfast isn't an everyday occurrence at your house?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT's the kind of post I like to read on your blog! Thank you.

Scott said...

Who ended up winning the trivia game? I can't remember.

Who won the March Madness pool? I can't remember.