17 April 2010

Filthy as usual

Lincecum was filthy against the Dodgers today, just like usual. Last week when Timmy was pitching in some rainy weather, I hit rewind to have a second look at a shot of Timmy's flowing locks blowing in the wind between pitches. Cali howled with laughter and threatened to tell everyone we know. No need - I'm not ashamed of my man crush. It should be a federal holiday every time Tim Lincecum pitches. Bottom line is that big league hitters look silly every time Timmy is on the bump. Can he win a third consecutive Cy Young Award this year? You better believe it.

Speaking of silly, here are a couple lighter moments from America's pastime:

- On August 22, 2007 the Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3. In one of the better quotes you'll ever hear, Orioles' third baseman Kevin Millar was asked about the record-breaking beatdown and he replied, "I mean, what do you say? Do you say, 'OK, guys, let's hit four grand slams -- and we'll only be losing by 11?'"

- On Opening Night of the season this year, the Yankees' Chan Ho Park came into the game and got tattooed by the Red Sox, giving up 3 runs in less than an inning to lose the game for the Yanks. When he was asked afterwards about the poor outing, he had a pretty good explanation.


Supercords said...

They showed that clip on Jimmy Kimmel, and it's all over the Internet. I wish they would have cut to the dude who was laughing uncontrollably. Funny stuff.

emily said...

Those lovely flowing locks look more like a nappy 80s mullet to me. Anf I know nappy 80s mullets...they're still in style here.

Cali said...

Seriously, Joey pushed REWIND...and said, "wow, look at Lincecum's hair, that is so awesome!" Should I be worried?

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