18 May 2010

Survivor: Family Edition. Who ya got?

Cali and I were driving home from our weekend getaway and, as is my custom, I started to get a little drowsy in the heat of the midday sun. To keep me awake, Cali suggested that we pretend we are going to play a real-life Survivor game in the jungle and we have to pick teams from amongst our family members. The Survivor game would be just like the TV show - a gruelling combination of physical challenges, survival skills, and social-strategic play.

We drafted two sets of teams - an EMIG set and an EARL set. After seeing the results, I feel like my teams are clearly superior and would definitely win against her tribe in Survivor. Time to weigh in - what are your thoughts?

*Note: Teams are listed below in order of age, NOT in the order they were drafted, except I don't really know the ages of the in-laws so it's my best guess. Also, Cali got the first pick in each draft.


Joey's Team


Cali's Team



Joey's Team

Michael's wife

Cali's Team


My teams would dominate. No brainer, right?


ashleyboice said...

no question cali has got the better team.

Aaron said...

I love how one of your in-laws is known only as "Michael's wife".

emily said...

Joey wins Survivor Earl, Cali wins Survivor Emig. Hands down.

Earl Family said...

I am a home grown Idaho girl. I grew up in Oakley. Survivor was my life everyday.

I could totally kick your can.

Sorry. Cali's team wins for sure.

duke of earl said...

You have got to be kidding...I have no comment on the Emig teams, but the Earl teams are so unbalanced that it would not matter what type of game we were playing...period. Cali was either choosing with some other strategy in mind completely, or she was joking, or she was intoxicated. There can be no other explanation.

Samantha said...

This is seriously hilarious. You've seen us play Phase 10 together. Can you imagine the repercussions of pitting us against each other in a REAL game of Survivor? Hilarious.

I originally thought- well, obviously- Joey's Earl team is hands down winner. I definitely think we are the stronger team. But Joey's team COULD have the potential of strong men pitting against each other (mostly if they didn't know each other though), and Cali's team has the potential of a deadly girls alliance.

But um...obviously we'd win all the challenges so it wouldn't matter anyway... haha. Hilarious.

gramyflys said...

Good night, Joey! How did you end up with ALL the old folks on BOTH teams? It is flattering, of course, but gees, you gotta be in this to win this, boy! Now that you have come this far, why don't you put something together for when we are at our Christmas Cabin and let's play this thing out?

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

I'm feeling like a winner. Dad D

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

I think you have a problem I can't swim or run. I am tough and can do puzzles. Even so we could win.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should be offended or honored! This DID cause Dave and I to discuss how we would choose our own teams. I will not share the results except to say that Dave let me tell him who I would put on my team and then responded with "I'd just take all the guys." Seems like a pretty safe bet at first glance, but I believe I'd kick his booty with who I chose!

Captain Emus said...

There's only one way to find out. Can everyone get 39 days off of work?

Cali said...

Aaron, Michael isn't married yet! Ha ha, if he was, we would probably know her name. By the way, my teams would win FOR SURE!! Sam, Justin already told me he and Ike would align and take out Joey first....sounds like there are some fissures in your tribe. Ha ha.

Aaron said...

Interesting... So, apparently Michael's chief criteria in selecting a wife is going to be how well she can play Survivor. Seems as good as any other reason to get married, I guess.

AJ said...

I would have to say Cali has the better team.